Shades of Praise will be back in the Jazz Fest, Friday April 28th at 1:50 pm–
While you’re waiting, you can enjoy this selection from the 2022 Jazz Fest!

In the summer of 2020 we wanted to find a way to share our experiences with racism and to offer hope to the world for change. Here is a video with the results of our discussions.

Shades of Praise New Orleans Interracial Gospel Choir sings “According to Your Faith”, written and arranged by Maestro Dwight Fitch, Sr.


Shades of Praise Sings Happy Birthday to the National Park Service!
The National Park Service turned (or “made” in New Orleans speak)  100 on August 25, 2016. Shades of Praise joined the Centennial Band of our very own, New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park to sing Happy Birthday to the NPS.

Listen to Shades of Praise featured in the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana: Our Home, New Day commercials composed and sung by Jep Epstein

Shades Makes Number 3 on Gambit’s Bucket List
In September 2014, Gambit Magazine’s 21 Guide added “Check out a rehearsal of the Shades of Praise gospel choir at Loyola University on Thursday night” as item 3 on their Bucket List, a checklist of things to experience while you live in New Orleans!

Gambit's 21 Bucket List Cover
No 3 on Gamibt Bucket List